Per District 7 Commander Steve Storey:

The format of the convention is identical to last years.  I understand they are planning a breakfast and lunchwith all the fixins', including a salad bar.  Their efforts are not at their expense, so we are getting a great value for $20.
We have a guest speaker planned from the VA-Houston and will be talking about the VA S.A.V.E. program.
Speaking of which, attached are two forms.  BOTH MUST BE PRESENTED AT CONVENTION 

#1 - Registration Form - Every member or guest who attends the convention must be on the form.   $20 will be collected for each person listed and is required in order to be allowed a meal.
#'2 - Delegate Certification - This form lists your posts delegates to the convention.  Delegates represent and vote for your post for any business matter that comes before the convention.  Read the form carefully.  Attachedare the number of delegates each post is authorized.  If you have any questions about the number of delegates listed, please contact me.Delegates Certification Form is separate from the Registration Form, so delegates must be listed on both.
At a minimum, I encourage Posts to pay the registration fees of their delegates.

Raffles and Auctions

We will be having items for raffle and auction.  Each posts should bring a itemto be auctioned or raffled.  I encourage all of you to solicit donations to our raffle from your local community.  If you need more information on raffles or auctions, please contact me.

Business Matters

This being our election "off-year" there are no elections. The business, or more accurately, training, will be conducted on the preparation of your Consolidated Post Report (CPR).  In my view, this is the most important report a post prepares and I hold its importance over membership.  This report is where you tell the world every single thing you did for your community and I know from talking to all of you, you have done a lot!I hope you have been doing a draft CPR during your monthly meetings and have been soliciting input from your members.  It is too hard to try to capture everything you did throughout the year in one all do so much.Everything counts!  If your member drove a veteran to an appointment, it counts!  If you made phone calls to your members, it counts!  If you talk to local residents, businesses, or community leaders about the legion, it counts!  It is not just about your formal fundraisers or events you held.  
So, bring your draft CPR and we will all do it together and learn from each other in how each of us captures different things we do. I have attached a draft worksheet of the CPR, if you do not have one. Start completing it now.